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How to understand and fix content marketing problems

Ensuring that your content marketing looks as good as possible is extremely important, yet many people make mistakes, most of which are totally unavoidable. What are the most common problems and how do you fix them? Having a strategy will help you to steer your content marketing in the right direction. You have to understand… Read more »


Instagram marketing and its benefits

Instagram has over 300 million users and a large proportion of these are young adults. From a marketing perspective it enables you to really reach out to consumers who use the site. As a platform, it provides an opportunity to give your brand a personality and presence, which is why it has a number of… Read more »


The difference between iconic branding and fashionable trends

When developing your brandING you need to know the difference Brand development is a process which should be handled with a long term strategy. Unfortunately, many brands emerging into the current market are not geared to the iconic but to the fashionable trends of the current market. These brands are currently seeing a draw to… Read more »


What does it mean to be a countryside marketing company?

DELIVERING the personal touch at all levels of business You may have noted that there are a few companies out there which state that they are countryside marketing companies, but what does this actually mean? There is really no definition that can be found when you google “what is countryside marketing”. Instead, you get a… Read more »


How to determine the ROI on your product investment

Calculate your potential Return on Investment on a Product before investing If you are in business then the likelihood that you will be approached with investment opportunities is great. Some ideas appear to be very lucrative and others less so. However, there must be a way in which businesses can calculate whether or not a… Read more »