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A view from PressPoint – Finding your voice

In business, the companies that shout the most, get noticed. They always seem to have something to say about their own products, sharing testimonials or simply interacting with their customer base. Most of the time, this converts nicely into sales. The key to getting a message across while not alienating or annoying the audience, comes… Read more »


BETA International – Make 2017 Your Best Event Yet

BETA International serves as the UK’s flagship event for any business in the equine industry – whether launching a new product or marketing your existing business. For more than three decades, this exhibition has helped equestrian, country clothing retailers, outdoor and pet product manufacturers gain business traction.  With the 2017 event rapidly approaching, now is… Read more »


A View From PressPoint – 2017 Predictions Anyone?

Who raised a glass to Auld Lang Syne to welcome in 2016, and foresaw the seismic events that would come to pass during the year? The early polls for the forthcoming European Referendum showed a healthy lead for ‘Remain’. In the U.S., the competition to become the Republican Party candidate for the Presidential election was… Read more »


The beginner’s guide to improving your AdWords campaign

Whatever your place is in the equine world, we’d hedge our bets to say that you’ve likely heard of just how effective the results can be when using Google AdWords. You’ve perhaps been drawn by the promise of its affordability, that it could drive your potential customers to the phone, or to your website, and… Read more »


A View From Presspoint – So The Sales Begin

The traditional January or Summer Sales were a way of clearing old stock before restocking shelves and warehouses with the new season’s products. However, it seems retailers are now using any and every opportunity to offer their customers discounted products, in the hope of boosting sales temporarily and moving mass volumes of stock. In the… Read more »


5 innovative ideas for Facebook lead generation

If you’ve been attempting to catch attention for your  business on Facebook but not making any headway, read our piece on Facebook lead generation, below. You may feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle; you may be wondering why, when your fans have expressed an interest by liking your page that your posts appear… Read more »


Your sales funnel: the key to creating consistent business

A sales funnel is a strategic process that, in essence, creates customers. It’s a literal step-by-step process that transitions potential customers or clients, into purchasers and repeat purchasers. The ‘sales journey’ is broken down into stages – with tools such as emails, blogs, videos and eBooks aiding your potential client in moving along in their… Read more »


Building and targeting a successful e-shot campaign

Email marketing presents an attractive option for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries; not only providing an incredible ROI of 3800% (representing a £38 return for every £1 spent according to Campaign Monitor, but also providing a tool that naturally lends itself to the building of firm fans and the creation of brand affinity,… Read more »


Dirty Menus and branding for rural businesses

Does this ring any bells?… You pick up a menu, but you don’t get as far as looking at the enticing meal options as the first thing you notice is that the menu is stained with traces of dried food from previous diners. The image that you form and the emotions that you feel are… Read more »