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Presence, branding, and sales

At PressPoint we know how important it is to have presence and branding in the marketplace. Unless people know about your company and what it does, they are not able to buy your products or services. With a heritage in countryside and equestrian public relations and marketing we have worked hard to build an approach that gets your brand seen and talked about.

With decades of combined experience in equestrian business and countryside marketing, we are able to provide insight and strategy for all our clients whether they need full service agency experience or a new design or strategy for their website build. We pride ourselves on listening, and determining exact client requirements. That way, we create a branding message that reaches exactly who you need to be talking to, from consumers to retailers to manufacturers alike.

If there’s one thing we are particularly proud of, it’s our commitment to creativity; whether it’s on the page, on the web, or on your customer’s lips.

In today’s fast paced and social savvy arena, businesses have to be agile and responsive to survive. We know we can apply truly creative thinking to your market position, delivering punchy public relations campaigns, websites that work, graphics that turn heads and brands to believe in. This way, you get to stand out from the crowd, and more importantly, you get noticed

Above all else, our main driving focus is sales. Marketing only works if it results in sales and we’re happy to say that our clients find this to be exactly what happens.

Take a look around our site and a moment to understand the range of services we offer. Take advantage of all the different aspects of marketing we bring to the equation, or just choose one area that you want to work on, and if you need to speak to us, call us and we’ll be ready to listen.

PressPoint Media would love to hear from you, and would also love to be an influential part of your continuing success.

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